SMC-BMC Special Inhibitor

Solvents mixture used as an inhibitor to extend the pot-life in SMC/BMC thermosetting compounds.

It is a product containing 10% of para-benzoquinone (active substance) powder dissolved properly into other different solvents.

Our P-QUINONE 10N is residue free, very well filtrated through our high quality processing equipment.

The inhibitor should be first added to the resin in order to have it well dispersed into the final compound.

After mixing properly, depending on the area of application and the working conditions, the recommended dosage is from 0.1 to 0.5 phr.

The process and use requires knowledge of proper techniques and manipulation by qualified personnel.

Before use, carefully read the safety data sheet.

The product should be stored in its original sealed packaging in a ventilated place.

The standard packaging is made from iron drums of 180 Kg.