NDP products (Non Dusting Products)

Nachmann has developed an innovative technology capable to convert powder additives into “dust free” products, 100% pure: NDP technology (non-dusting products).

Thanks to a special physical and chemical treatment, the additives processed by our NDP technology show an excellent dispersion into the polymer and, consequently, a better performance compared to “standard” powder products.

The main technical advantages provided by our NDP technology are as follows:

  • absence of dust in the working area
  • easy to handle and dose
  • excellent dispersion into the polymer
  • low addition level
  • low impact on the polymer properties
  • lower loss of additive during production process

The most important additives available in granular form (NDP products) are as follows

– Flame retardants
– Conductive Carbon Black
– Titanium dioxide
– Mixtures of stabilizers / antioxidants