Internal Process Aids for the Pultrusion Process

External & Internal Mold release agents compatible with all types of resins and fibers; products used for the obtaining of high mechanical properties profiles, for low and high-speed production lines and also available in specific grades compatible with ATH.

They can optimize the speed production and at the same time, they can reduce both the tensile strength and wear of the chain.  Our products Improve the impregnation of fibers, fillers, and the fluidity of the resin while reducing the viscosity.

The physical properties of the profile are maintained or improved.

The complex polymeric nature of the process of the additive does not interfere in secondary operations such as decorations, moldings, gluing or painting.

For best results, laboratory testing or pre-production tests should determine the optimum level of additives.

Mold Wiz®, process additive, becomes effective in a range between 0.75 and 2.0 parts per 100 parts of the weight of the resin, excluding additives, pigments and fillers.

Always start with a level of evaluation of 1%. A high level of filler may require the use of a higher percentage of additive, while a too high quantity could delay the polymerization.

Reduce addition level of the additive or increase the amount of catalyst slightly.