External & Internal Mold Release Agents from AXEL PLASTICS

We officially distribute AXEL PLASTICS External and Internal Mold Release agents in polymeric and semi-permanent version used for various types of processing and hand lay-up lamination , RTM , filament winding and mandrel wrapping, rotational molding, SMC and BMC, pultrusion.

Also available from AXEL PLASTICS products range, primers, strippers and cleaners.

The AXEL products are compatible with all types of materials and molds.

External and internal mold release agents are registered resin solutions which include polymer based modified siloxanes that crosslink each others’ forming a detachable film as the solvent evaporates.

They typically generate multiple releases with no transfer of the product itself at room and elevated temperatures.

AXEL PLASTICS Mold Release Agents are divided into Internals and Externals:

– Externals: available in wax or liquid form, in polymer type and the latest generation of semi-permanent, applied either manually or by spray;

From 3 to 5 coats of release are desirable.

Wait approximately 15 minutes between each coats in order to allow a proper absorption of the release agent into the mold surface.

– Internals: in liquid and powder form, to be added to the resin depending on the production process (see technical data sheets).

It is strongly recommended to clean the surface of the molds from any residue of old release agent, even if the AXEL PLASTICS products are compatible with most of the release agents on the market.