External & Internal Mold Release Agents for Polyurethanes

External and Internal Mold Release Agents for all types of polyurethane foams where it is required a smooth release; the products to be externally applied, are available in spray and liquid form.

They can be used on fiberglass and metal molds and they are ideal for porous surfaces, contributing to a more effective sealing resulting in a very smooth surface.

Compared to a conventional wax in paste form, our release agents are easier and less time-consuming to use, and they also leave less residue.

To be applied on dry and clean molds. As regards the external mold release agents, applied 2 – 3 hands to start.

They can be applied by manual drafting, spray or brush; let dry; polish if desired. If the molds are porous, they may be requested additional coats of release agent.