External & Internal Ecological Water based Mold Releases

Environmentally friendly water-based mold release agents for different finishes and high slipperiness; they are patented resin emulsions formed by chains of polyolefin and organic fatty acids in combination with wetting agents and surfactants in an aqueous vehicle.

Particularly it used for compression molding, hand lay-up lamination, filament winding and rotational molding.

Dry at room temperature forming a mono – molecular film, that adheres to the surface by absorption without interfering with the resins. This type of selective adhesion prevents the film to transfer to the printed surface.

It does not interfere with secondary operations such as decorations, gluing or painting.

The AXEL PLASTICS water-based release agents are products specifically designed to provide a safe and environmentally friendly product, maintaining very high performances.

It is applicable both with a paper cloth manually or by spray. For details of how to apply, always refer to the technical data sheets we provide to our customers.

È applicabile sia con un panno di carta manualmente sia a spruzzo. Per i dettagli della modalità di applicazione, fare sempre riferimento alle schede tecniche.