Conductive Carbon black NO DUST 100% pure (NDP Technology)


Nachmann has developed an innovative technology, which consists in converting powder additives into granular products free from dust and 100% pure: NACHSTAT CONDUCTIVE CARBON BLACK

Conductive carbon black with high purity is compacted through a specific process able to preserve the original structure of the particles, in order to maintain unchanged the electrical conductivity properties.

The use of carbon black, especially the product with a high specific surface as the conductive one, has been often considered an issue because of the color and the high presence of dust.

Usually, when using conductive carbon black in powder, the entire plant needs to be set up with special equipment in order to avoid the dust to infiltrate.

Our NACHSTAT CONDUCTIVE CARBON BLACK represents an innovative solution able to ease the usage of conductive carbon black conductive pure 100%, avoiding dust in the area and in the working environment.

The main technical details are as follows:

  • Easy to dose
  • Absence of dust in the working environment
  • Excellent dispersion within the polymer
  • Low impact on the mechanical properties of the polymer
  • Reduced loss of material during dosing operations and pneumatic transport
  • Reduced addition level of the product itself in the compound
  • Electro – conductive additive
Toluene (estratto) % Max 0,1
BET (polvere originale) m2/g 65
pH 10
Contenuto di zolfo % 0,02
Resitività in volume Ohmxcm 10 max (25% in HDPE)