Carbon black conductive NO DUST 100% puro (NDP Technology)

Conductive carbon black in granular form (1-3 mm) and 100% pure; It ensures an extremely low level of dust in the environment.

This product was developed to solve the problems correlated to the handling of powder conductive carbon black, in all stages of the compounding process.

The compaction process (NDP) does not change the original structure of the conductive carbon black while maintaining the proper functioning of the product and then the percentages of use.

The product is used to obtain electro-conductive thermoplastic and thermosetting compounds with resistivity values (volume) lower than 1,000 Ohmxcm

Carbon black

The Nachstat Carbon Black-ND can be used exactly as a powder carbon black (mixed with the resin or dosed laterally). The advantage we provide is the significant reduction of dust emissions in the opening phase of the packaging and subsequent handling.

In order to obtain conductive compounds, it can be used between 17% and 20% depending on the polymer.