Additives in masterbatch form

Additives in masterbatches manufactured using different polymeric carriers. Nachmann collaborates with important industrial partners in order to provide with masterbatches of different additives.

In addition to standard formulations you can find in the product portfolio, it is possible to produce masterbatches of additives properly designed following the needs of the customers.

The main masterbatches of additives are: molybdenum disulfide, provided at different concentrations (up to 70%) in various polymeric supports, antimony trioxide, nucleating for polyamide, chain extender for polyesters, light diffuser for Polycarbonate and flame retardants.

The masterbatches of additives are alternative to powder products. They are used during the extrusion of thermoplastic compounds.

They can be dosed together with the polymer, through the main mouth of the extruder, or  directly into the melted polymer by a side feeder.